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Renewed & Renovated

Museum Paleis Het Loo is one of the most popular museums in the Netherlands. Changing needs, new aspirations and necessary maintenance make that the time has come for renovations, renewal and improvements! From January 2018 Paleis Het Loo will be radically renovated to address essential maintenance.  At the same time, this opportunity will be taken to improve and expand visitor facilities.

renovation and expansion

the design

In the coming years, Paleis Het Loo will be undergoing a major renovation and expansion. Today, more than 30 years since Paleis Het Loo was opened as a museum, major maintenance is essential. The maintenance includes replacing technical installations, climate control systems and removing asbestos. Simultaneously with this major renovation, an underground expansion to Paleis Het Loo will be undertaken. An expansion will provide more space for temporary exhibitions and public facilities and the substantial collection can be presented in a better way to the museum visitors.

Are you curious about the design of the new Paleis Het Loo? Download the designplan or watch the video.


After a careful and thorough procedure, the architect selection committee of Paleis Het Loo has unanimously chosen the design put forward by Dikkie Scipio, KAAN Architecten from Rotterdam. Their ambitious design, inspired by the layout and dimensions of the palace, logically incorporates all of the required facilities and spaces while expressing a grandeur appropriate for a leading museum.

paleis het loo in 2021

Facts & Figures

The renewed, renovated and improved palace is finished in 2021. Visitors are treated to a warm reception in a regal setting. The House of Orange and the Junior Palace present engaging visuals and information, the palace rooms will have been completely renovated and the temporary exhibition space has its first presentation. The gardens, stables and palace will once again be a unified and compelling whole. Museum Paleis Het Loo is ready for the future.

  • more than 5000 m2 additional surface area
  • 850 m2 for temporary exhibitions
  • events space for up to 700 people
  • House of Orange, 1245 m2
  • 8 extra visitor lifts
  • Grand Foyer, 530 m2
  • Museum Shop, 225 m2


The artist impressions by KAAN Architecten in this publication are intended to give a general visual impression of the plans. The illustrations do not depict the exact configurations of the future plans. Copyright of the text and images contained in this publication lie with museum Paleis Het Loo, or they have been included with permission from the copyright holder. Reproduction for commercial purposes is prohibited. Anyone interested in using an image is requested to contact museum Paleis Het Loo. The branding and logos of museum Paleis Het Loo are trademark protected. Unauthorised use of the trademark is prohibited.

  • Signing contracts
    Museum Paleis Het Loo in 2021
Signing contracts
Dikkie Scipio, KAAN Architecten and Michel van Maarseveen, director Paleis Het Loo
enlarge picture
Museum Paleis Het Loo in 2021
enlarge picture