Paleis Het Loo | Renovation & Expansion
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Renovation & Expansion

Within a few years, Paleis Het Loo will be radically renovated to address essential maintenance.  At the same time, this opportunity will be taken to improve and expand visitor facilities. 

renovation and expansion

open, just not as usual

In the coming years, Paleis Het Loo will be undergoing a major renovation and expansion. Today, more than 30 years since Paleis Het Loo was opened as a museum, major maintenance is essential. The maintenance includes replacing technical installations, climate control systems and removing asbestos. Simultaneously with this major renovation, an underground expansion to Paleis Het Loo will be undertaken. The museum has a growing number of visitors and must satisfy the desires and requirements of the time. An expansion will provide more space for temporary exhibitions and public facilities and the substantial collection can be presented in a better way to the museum visitors.

The main building of Paleis Het Loo will be closed to the public from 8 January 2018 to the middle of 2021. In this period, you are more than welcome to visit our palace gardens, stables and museum restaurants from April to September. The well-known outdoor events, such as the Princes & Princesses Days and the Parade of the Summer King will still take place as usual, and the gardens will be the backdrop for a surprising presentation which we are keeping secret for the moment. Winter Palace Het Loo will be organised in the weeks around Christmas in an adapted and original setting on the Stallenplein. We hope to welcome you in this “open, just not as usual” period!


After a careful and thorough procedure, the architect selection committee of Paleis Het Loo has unanimously chosen the plan put forward by KAAN Architecten from Rotterdam. In the coming months, work will be undertaken on the final design for the expansion. The final design will be presented at the end of the year and there will then be clarity about exact planning and costs.

Director Michel van Maarseveen about this choice:
‘As museum, we are very pleased that KAAN Architects presented a draft design that fully matches our wishes and ambitions and respects the historic palace complex. The underground expansion has considerable allure and is both hospitable and functional.’

Architect Dikkie Scipio:
‘We explicitly sought for a form with which we, without competing with the monument, could highlight the grandeur of museum Paleis Het Loo in a surprising way. I am delighted that the selection committee has acknowledged this starting-point.’


Paleis Het Loo received tenders from thirty architectural agencies. Five agencies were selected by the review panel and these were asked to present a draft design. The selected architect agencies (in alphabetical order):

  • Architectenbureau Koen van Velsen
  • Combination Next Architects and AL_A
  • Felix Claus Dick of Wageningen Architecten
  • KAAN Architecten
  • Neutelings-Riedijk architecten

Paleis Het Loo hopes that the renovation and expansion activities can start in 2018.