Paleis Het Loo | The museum and the collection
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The museum and the collection

In the museum, you will discover the world of the Oranges during the past centuries. The main building of the palace, Corps-de-Logis, is the starting-point for this journey through time. 

The collection

Online collection

Paleis Het Loo not only has its own collection, but also has items and collections on loan from others, including the Royal Collections, the Historic Society Oranje-Nassau, the Foundation for the Preservation of the Museum of the Chancery of Dutch Orders, and from private collections. A large number of acquisitions were made possible by the Foundation ‘t Konings Loo, the Rembrandt Society and private individuals. The collection has c. 160,000 objects and consists of several sub-collections: paintings, sculptures, furniture, arts and crafts, textile and costumes, drawing, prints and photos, orders and decorations, books and carriages and vehicles. In addition, Paleis Het Loo manages part of the National Plant Collection.

Museum of the Chancery of Dutch Orders


The Museum of the Chancery of Dutch Orders is located on the upper storey of the East Wing of Paleis Het Loo and is open from 1.00 pm. The museum possesses one of the world’s largest collection of knight insignia and decorations. The Foundation to the Preservation of the Museum of the Chancery of Dutch Orders raises funds for expanding the collection and, since 1961, loans its acquired objects to the Museum of the Chancery of Dutch Orders.

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Rembrandt Society

Royal Collections

The Vereniging Rembrandt [Rembrandt Society] has 12,000 members and provides financial support for the acquisition of important works of art by Dutch museums. The frame of reference here is that an acquisition not only proves an enrichment to the specific museum’s collection but also to our national art collection as a whole.

Everybody with a warm heart for art can contribute to this.

Many objects in Paleis Het Loo are on permanent loan from the Royal Collections of the Netherlands. The Royal Collections support Paleis Het Loo in the preparation of exhibitions and publications. More information: